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District of hopes! Welcome to our district's web site. Actualization of genuine welfare policy that brings high quality life.
Introduction of Gangbuk

Welcome Greetings

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Introduction of Gangbuk

Hello. My name is Gyum Soo Park the 6th head of Gangbuk-gu elected by popular vote.

I sincerely welcome the residents and netizens for visiting our homepage. Gangbuk-gu along with natural beauty such as Mt. Bukhansan and Uicheon is a livable city with a unique combination of compassionate people with good historical and cultural values enough to be called a living 'Museum of Contemporary History.' Also it is the city of hope full of future development possibilities. Myself and over thousand officials are creating the future of Gangbuk-gu by maximizing our advantage with aggressive attitude towards new changes and development.

Especially, engraving the word 'Sa-In-Yeo-Cheon' deep in my heart which means 'treat the people as you would to heaven', I am taking one step at a time for creating 'hopeful Gangbuk where the residents become the owner.' I promise to serve the residents with unchanging heart with commitment for serving the Gangbuk-gu. In addition, I believe that your opinions will provide great power to such effort and become the foundation of firm governing of Gangbuk-gu.

I am always ready to hear your opinions.
The door of my office is always open and you can always meet me through this homepage as well. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.
You are the owner of Gangbuk-gu.
Hopeful Gangbuk! Please participate with us in this heart pounding race towards the future.

Thank you.

Park Gyum Soo Chief of Director of Gangbuk-gu