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District of hopes! Welcome to our district's web site. Actualization of genuine welfare policy that brings high quality life.
Introduction of Gangbuk


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Emblem image

Core visual element of Gangbuk came from the shape of the Mountain Bukhan, and along with Wooicheon, it represents a source of the nation’s energy and prosperity of Seoul due to the energy from the valleys of the Mountain Bukhan. Soaring shape of the mountain expresses the progressive spirit, and the oval expresses the progress in unity from the enriched green space and harmony of the residents.

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Brand Slogan : “Gangbuk with hopes”

Gangbuk with hopes image

In order to express ongoing progress of Ganbuk, letters of “hope’ is designed with look of new opening sprouts, and letters of “Gangbuk” were designed with hand writing of friendly but confident sentiment. For the color choice, high saturation and brightness of blue from the Wooi water canyon and green from the Mountain Bukhan were selected in order to express clear and fresh side of Ganbuk based on its natural environment.

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District Flower : Azalea

Azalea image

It signifies sentiments of Ganbuk-gu with strong survival ability and simplicity. There is an area with name called Azalea Ridgeline in Mountain Bukhan.
* Symbolizing words: moderation, joy of love
* Characteristics: Leaves are in oval shape with sharp endings. It has shines but no hairs. Flowers are in light pink but vary its color depending on the trees. It blooms as a bunch.

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District tree : Pine tree

Pine tree image

It is charming with daintiness as an evergreen. It symbolizes integrity, perseverance, fidelity and willingness. There is an area called Ui-dong pine tree field.
* Characteristics : Belongs to the needle-shaped, evergreen tree family. It has strong resistance ability against cold and dryness but weak against bugs. There are many variations of the trees. For domestic type, there are pine tree and Gomsol pine trees, and for foreign type, Rigi all pine and Banksiana pine trees. Hybrids of the pine trees and Gomsol are Mid Gomsol and Chunyangmok.

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District Bird : Korean Magpie

Korean Magpie image

It is a lucky bird that brings good news. Magpies live throughput the Mountain Bukhan through all seasons.
* Characteristics : They live everywhere in Korea except for the island areas but rarely seen in the high mountains and isolated areas. They are known to have a sensitive nature, and omnivorous eating rodents, small eggs and baby birds, snakes, and insects as well as agriculture harvests, apples, and peaches.

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