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Name Beon-dong is written as Beol ri in the “Grand Map of the Capital Castle” by Jeong Seon and “Daedongyeojido” by Kim Jeong Ho, and recorded as East West Soongshin-bang (outside capital castle) and Beon-ri outside small east gate. It looks like Beol-ri has become Beon-ri.

When studying the origin of the name, Beon-dong, there was a secretive rumor that was written in a book called ‘Ungwanbiki’ during Goryeo dynasty. According to the story, the king and his cabinet leaders were afraid that a new dynasty will rise by the family name of Yi. One day, they heard there were full of peach trees under the Mountain Triangle, which symbolized prosperity of Yi family, so they sent wood choppers, beolisa, to cut the trees, and people started calling the place as Beol-ri and later Beon-ri.