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Samgaksan Dodangje

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Dogangje, Mt. Samgak Traditional Culture and Festivals


Samgaksan Dodangje is a ritual to the mountain gods to pray for the well-being, peace, and harvest of the village. The name “Dodangje” began around King Chungryeol of Goryeo dynasty (1275-1308). On every March 3rd by the lunar calendar, residents of Ui-dong practice and preserve Dodangje in the back of Ui-dong where Dang house used be.

Summary of Dodangje

  • Treasure No : Intangible cultural properties of Seoul, article 42
  • Date of Designation : November 4, 2010

Summary of Event

  • Purpose of the event : Reproduction of the intangible cultural property
  • Direction of the reproduction : Main event during the national ceremony events
  • Time : 07:00~21:30 on March 3, every year, ※ Eve festival : Anbangosa during 17:00~18:00
  • Location : Ui-dong 251 Beonji behind the cottage
  • Contents of Events : Dodang Goot (Greeting Mountain, Fire Intersection and General’s Street)
  • Host : Preservation Society of Mt. Samgak Dodangje