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The Sogwigol Concert

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Sogwigol Concert Traditional Culture and Festivals
  • Date : April 19 every year
  • Location : The Torch of Justice Square of the 4.19 National Cemetery
  • Host : Gangbuk Cultural Council
  • Major Events : It is a concert to commemorate the people who sacrificed their lives for the 4.19 Democratic Movements and helps to instill a spirit of democracy to young people. The concert is also to awaken the national identities and further to approach to the citizen as a friendly place rather than a national cemetery under the purpose of providing rich spiritual culture and natural democracy conscience to the growing population of the youth group.
  • Concert Programs
    • First half : Commemorating the spirits of 4.19 victims (Repose of Souls)
    • Second half : Peace and Co-existence (Harmony)