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Mt. Samgak Festival

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Mt. Buknan Traditional Culture Establishment of the Constitution Traditional Culture Festivals
  • Event Date : October 3 every year, The National foundation Day
  • Location : Ui-dong Pine tree Field Park
  • Host : Gangbuk Cultural Council
  • Major Events : The festival first started under the Mt. triangle to realize the historical vision and values on our three ancestors of Hwanin, Hwanwoong, and Dangunwanggum, and also to regain our identities.
    For the programs, there are a variety of events including the Dangun honoring service and its memorial service which have started by the Queen Myeongseong who wanted to expose the local culture, traditional dance and music, so the visitors and hikers can experience our traditional culture.
  • Performance Programs
    • First half : Worship for Dangun
    • Second half : Traditional cultural events