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Sainbigujuseong Bronze Bell

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Sainbigujuseong Bronze Bell

  • Registered No : Treasure No.11-5
  • Date of Designation : February 15, 2000
  • Era : 9th year of King Sukjong (1683) of Joseon Dynasty
  • Size/Style : height of the Bell 0.98m, Diameter 0.68m
  • Material : Bronze
  • Ownership and Maintenance : Hwagyesa Temple, Buddhist Jogye of Korea Buddhism
  • Location : Hwagyesa Temple 487 Suyu 1-dong Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

This bell was made by a monk, Sainbigu, who was active in the Gyeonggi-do and Gyeongsang-do regions during King Sukjong’s (the Joseon Dynasty period) reign. Sainbigu was a great monk and craftsman who has created a bell that was mixed with methodology of making traditional Shilla dynasty bell and his creativity. Currently, eight of his creations are remained showing uniqueness of each piece.
There are two dragons carved at the part where the bell is hung. There are wide belts on the shoulder and entry parts of the bell, and there are square shape of royal case and symbol and provides a sense of stability.
It is a masterpiece with a practical nature and brightness. There is also a remaining of a great literature showing that monk has received an honorary government position called “Gongmyeongcheop”. This literature holds a great value along with a history study on ancient bells.

* Source : Bureau of Cultural Properties of Seoul