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  • Registered No : Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, No.2, Seoul
  • Date of Designation : September 18, 1969
  • Era : June 19 1912
  • Size/Style : building space 28 pyeong, front 5 spaces, later side 5 spaces eight bin roof
  • Material : Stone stylobate, wooden
  • Ownership and Maintenance : Chondist Preservation Foundation
  • Location : 254 Ui-dong Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

Bongwhang-gak was built by Byeong-hui Sohn (Ui-ahm), a leader during the period under Japanese rule, on June 19, 1912. At Bonghwang-gak, he trained leaders of Chondogyo, a religion indigenous to Korea, for the purpose of serving the country, comforting people and ultimately achieving independence.
Those trained Leaders took the leading role in the nation-wide movements to regain its independence including the 1919 Independence Movement. he was buried at a location 50 meters away from Bonghwang-gak and his remains are stored at the building and its annex.
Areas surrounding Bonghwang-gak are also famous for scenic beauty. But this place is accepted as more important in terms of its historic implication. Currently, many students are visiting the place as part of their history study tour program.

* Source : Website from the Bureau of Cultural Properties of Seoul