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Doseon Temple

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Doseon Temple

Doseon Temple

  • Date of Foundation : King Kyeongmun, Unified Shilla (862)
  • Builder : Monk Doseon
  • Denomination of the Ownership : Jogyejong, Korea Buddhism
  • Date of Registration : July 27 1988
  • Location : 264 Ui-dong, Gangbuk-gu
  • Website :
  • Current Cultural Assets : Ma Ae Stone Buddha of Doseonsa Temple, Wooden

Amita/Daesejibosal statue, stone Nabanjonja of Doseonsa Temple (Dokseong) statue, Bronze Bell of Doseonsa Temple, and other current cultural heritages.
In 862 (2nd year of King Kyeongmun), Yeongi Doseon has founded the temple. Doseon has predicted that by looking at the shape of the mountain, it would be a place of unlawfulness after 1,000 years during the unlawful period, and has carved Ma Ae Gwaneumbosal statue by splitting a huge stone after building the temple. Since then the history of the temple till later years of Joseon Dynasty has not been known. When the Mountain Bukhan fortress was built, monk soldiers used to guard the temple.
In 1863 (14th year of King Cheoljong), Chil-seong-gak was built with donations from Kim Jwa-Geun, and in 1887 (24th year of King Gojong), Im Jun has built five stories of the pagoda and kept the relics of the Buddha inside. In 1903, Hyemyeong has re-built the Main Hall, Dae-ung-jeon by the order of King Gojong, and the temple was designated as the national shrine in 1904. Recently, Hogukchamhoewon was founded, and the temple expanded practicing Buddhism and life centered Buddhism.
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