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City Gas

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The status of City Gas Supply Companies (Customer Center)

The status of City Gas Supply Companies (Customer Center)
Business Name Phone Number Management Area
Daeryun E&S 02-950-5000
Operation of Situation Room in the whole
areas of Gangbuk-gu for 24 hours
City GasCustomer Service Gangbuk 1 02-908-2341 Suyu 2-dong, Suyu 3-dong, Ui-dong
Gangbuk 3 02-984-1390 Samyang-dong, part (Mia 2), Mia-dong, Suyu 1-dong, Insu-dong
Gangbuk 4 02-989-9944 Songcheon-dong, Part (Mia 8), Songjung-dong part (Mia 9), Beon 1, 2 and 3 dong
Seongbuk 2 02-942-1667 Songjung-dong part (Mia 4)
Seongbuk 3 02-985-8100 Samyang-dong part (Mia 1),
Songcheon-dong part (Mia 5),